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Lifestyle is an important driver of health outcomes. A healthy diet, being active, not smoking, stopping smoking, not drinking too much alcohol and maintaining a healthy body weight are all proven ways to stay healthy and avoid many health problems.

The good news is that most people in our population don’t smoke and many do drink sensibly and try to eat a balanced diet. However we have more people in the borough smoking than in other places, including pregnant women, and there are many people who have a poor diet and little physical activity. People in our more deprived population groups are more likely not to have a healthy lifestyle and this contributes to the health inequality experienced by these groups.

Our stop smoking services do target the more deprived groups but these people find it harder to quit successfully than those in the more affluent groups.

Please see below for our datasets, profiles and further resources related to lifestyles.


You can view a summary of all the data in this theme by clicking on the profile below, this document can also be downloaded as a pdf to be used offline:

Lifestyles Profile


To view the raw datasets in the Lifestyles theme go to the Statistics section and look under the JSNA themes or click on the links below:

Adult Obesity
Physical Activity
Drug Users in Effective Treatment
Mental Wellbeing & Learning Disabilities

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