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Wider Determinants of Health
Wider Determinants of Health

Wider Determinants of Health

A major misconception that hampers progress is the belief that anything to do with health and ill-health is the business of the health sector and, primarily, the NHS. The health sector has a vital role to play in tackling services and access to them, but the key drivers that account for people's poor health in large part lie in the 'conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work, and age' i.e. the 'wider determinants of health' such as employment, education, housing, leisure, crime, the economy and the environment.

In Rochdale, employment levels are low, and the number of benefits claimants continues to rise. Most claimants live in our most deprived areas. However, we have seen a general fall in crime and anti-social behaviour over the past few years, the number of decent homes in the borough continue to rise, and 8 of our parks have the coveted green flag status.

Please see below for the datasets, profiles and further resources related to the wider determinants of health.


You can view a summary of all the data in this theme by clicking on the profile below, this document can also be downloaded as a pdf to be used offline:

Wider Determinants of Health Profile


To view the raw datasets in the Wider Determinants of Health theme go to the Statistics section and look under the JSNA themes or click on the links below:

Employment Type
Employment Rate
Out of Work Benefits
Parks and Green Spaces
Vacant Dwellings
Decent Homes
Fuel Poverty

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