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Photos of Rochdale Borough
Welcome to Stats and Maps - Rochdale Borough's information hub
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Latest News

  • 14 July 2016
    2016 Update!
    Stats and Maps is updated and back online!

    What data would you like to see on the new site? Get in touch at


    Stats and Maps Team
  • 26 March 2013
    2011 Census Key Statistics Report
    The Stats and Maps team have recently compiled a report detailing the 2nd release phase of the 2011 Census results. This report looks at the key statistics as collected by the 2011 Census at Borough level. You can find the report in the research report section on Stats and Maps or download it directly by following this link:

    We will be uploading the raw 2011 Census data very soon for users to view and download.

    Stats and Maps Team
  • 14 November 2012
    Jobseekers Allowance Claimant Rates (November 2012)
    Hi all,

    The latest Jobseekers Allowance Claimant rates for October 2012 are now available on the site in the Jobs & Prosperity section, here are some of the headline findings from the new release:

    Jobseekers allowance claimant counts have decreased in most Greater Manchester authorities this month.

    The claimant rate in Rochdale Borough has decreased to 5.6% due to the number of claimants decreasing from 7,499 in September to 7,382 in October (a decrease of 117 claimants).

    Oldham remains the authority with the highest proportion of claimants in Greater Manchester. Both Rochdale and Manchester (5.6%) are the next highest with the gap extending to 0.2 percentage points this month.

    Youth unemployment decreased slightly in the borough in October to 2,320 (from 2,365 in September), representing 9.4% of the population age group. The vast majority of this number is made up of people aged 18-24 with only 10 people below the age of 18 claiming JSA in Rochdale Borough. The number of Long term youth claimants (those claiming for six months or more) also decreased to 800 claimants (from 890 in September).

    The number of JSA claimants per live unfilled Jobcentre Plus vacancy has again decreased from 3.7 in September to 3.3 in October due to increases in the number of job vacancies in the borough (from 2,015 in September to 2,245 in October). A breakdown of the available vacancies in the borough show that of the 2,245 vacant posts in October 1,845 are full-time vacancies compared to 400 which are part time.

    The existing source of administrative data for Jobcentre Plus vacancies is being decommissioned, this means that as of this month there will be no further updates to the vacancies dataset for the time being. Further information is available on the Nomis website.

    Research & Intelligence

  • 22 October 2012
    Resource Updated: Policy Alerts
    Hi All,

    The policy alerts in the Research Reports section on Stats and Maps have now been updated to include up to 19th October 2012. These alerts aim to provide up to date information on a range of policy issues. For more information click here and look under the "Policy" heading.

    Research & Intelligence Team
  • 02 October 2012
    New Economy Daily News
    Hi All,

    The New Economy Daily News Update will now be appearing on Stats and Maps, click below for the latest edition:

    New Economy Daily News Update

    You can find the Daily News updates in the Research Reports section under "Policy"

    For more information about New Economy you can visit their website by clicking Here

    Research & Intelligence Team
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